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Jun 23

Would you spend the night here?

I admit, there’s a spook factor line that I’m not comfy crossing. Having spent the night at the Stanley Hotel and a weekend investigating an abandoned monastery, I didn’t think there was a line. Yet, when I read the Ten Most Haunted Places in America, there was one on the list that made most-haunted9me shiver.

It’s the Villisca Murder House in Villisca, Iowa.

What happened at the house is still unsolved. Though there are theories. Essentially, two adults and 6 children were found brutally murdered in their beds. They were killed with what investigators believe to be an ax. You can read more about the crime and check out a news clip on the mystery here –

If you’re braver than me, you can spend the night there for a mere $428. Maybe it’s all BS. After all, it looks like a pretty good money maker. They don’t feed you or change the linens. You bring your own sleeping bag and there’s no electricity, water, or facilities in the house. (There is in the nearby barn.) You can read more about the place here –

Still, the thought of hanging out in a place where such an awful crime occurred feels icky. And there are pages and pages of evidence including video evidence on YouTube. Me, I’m a skeptical believer. I’ve had experiences that I cannot explain and that makes me wary of visiting a place like Villisca. (I’d rather hang out with the ghosts of nuns and German speaking children!)

So what about you? Is there a place you wouldn’t be comfortable investigating? Are there some places that are too spooky?

Maybe it’s time to push the boundaries and comfort zone and to investigate a place that makes me feel shaky. Hubby is from Iowa. Maybe it’s time for a road trip!



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