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Oct 22

Haunted Real Estate – Trends and Topics

According to an article in Realtormag more than a third of people have lived in a haunted house. Considering all of the people who have died in their homes, I guess this number doesn’t seem crazy but it does seem weird. I’ve never lived in a haunted house. No one I know has ever lived in a haunted house. So who are they interviewing?

Reading the article, there were other “facts” that gave me a bit of a giggle including the idea that while most people are willing to buy a haunted house, they’d only buy it if they got a discount. Really? What kind of discount does a haunted house warrant?

Here’s a bit from the article:

“More than half of home buyers say they’d be OK buying a “haunted” house, according to’s 2013 Haunted House Report, based on nearly 1,400 respondents’ views regarding spooky homes. In fact, more than a third of respondents say they’ve already lived in a haunted house.

But if they’re going to live in a scary home, buyers expect a discount, the survey finds. Thirty-four percent of respondents say they would buy a haunted home if it were discounted 1 to 30 percent, and 22 percent said they would buy a spooky house if it had a discount of 31 to 50 percent. Nineteen percent of survey respondents say it would take a discount of 51 percent or more on a haunted house for them to buy it.”

You can read the rest of the article  if you’re interested. Here’s the link –

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In other strange news there is now a site that will tell you if someone died in a house that you’re interested in. It’s called and all you have to do is enter the address and it’ll tell you if anyone died there.

As a paranormal researcher it may be a great initial tool to help identify some potential spirits. And if you absolutely don’t want a haunted house then you can make sure no one died there. It’s not free. A single address search cost $11.99.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in buying a house and you want a discount you can use the website to demonstrate that someone died there and maybe get a discount. Or you can finally find that house that is wickedly haunted and enjoy the spooky ride.

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