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Sep 30

So many places to visit!

Admittedly, there are places in this list that I won’t visit. I’m chicken. However, I’m looking forward to someday staying at the Onaledge in Manitou Springs. Cool! The Historic Onaledge Bed and Breakfast, Manitou Springs, Colo. Just outside Colorado Springs, the 100-year-old Onaledge hosts a small cabaret of harmless oddities, including floating orbs and energy …

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Aug 28

Ghostly photograph? What do you think?

As fall nears, thoughts turn to ghosts, haunted houses, and all things Halloween. It seems that the spirits start to kick up, or at least the media coverage intensifies. Here’s a photo from a tour in the UK. If you click on the link below it, there’s a better perspective of the tour group. …

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Jun 23

Would you spend the night here?

I admit, there’s a spook factor line that I’m not comfy crossing. Having spent the night at the Stanley Hotel and a weekend investigating an abandoned monastery, I didn’t think there was a line. Yet, when I read the Ten Most Haunted Places in America, there was one on the list that made me shiver. …

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Jun 22

An Untimely Poke…

The title of this makes it sound like I’m writing erotica. I’m not, there’s not enough alcohol in the world, and that’s not the type of “poke” I’m talking about. Nope. No penises or penis like appendages here. I’m talking about when someone pushes their finger into your chest, usually because they’re challenging you. Or …

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Oct 25

An Orb on the Grand Staircase at the Stanley Hotel

An orb on the grand staircase at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

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