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Category Archive: The Writing Process

Nov 01

Ghost Hunting – Not What I Expected

Halloween weekend is an ideal time to go on a ghost hunt, right? I mean it’s the scariest time of the year – the time when the veil between the other world and our word is is at its thinnest. I expected many things from this weekend… I expected to learn a lot about being …

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Jul 06

Inspired Action

How do you track your inspiration – your great ideas? I’ve tried many different systems. I’ve used the online not taking tools like Evernote and Onenote. I’ve also used a journal to track ideas. However, neither really worked the way I wanted them to. Instead of helping me transition from idea to action the ideas …

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Oct 19

Not enough time in the day

First of all, shame on me for using a cliche but it’s eight o’clock¬† in the morning and I’m only on my second cup of coffee. No creativity sparking in the brain yet! Last post, I was waiting to hear back from the editor about my submission. I finally heard back and I received a …

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Jul 20

A Reward In And Of Itself

Normally, I like to reward myself for a job well done. Particularly if it took some doing and extra motivation was necessary to persevere. In fact, a few years ago when I contracted with my first book agent, I bought myself a ring. Despite the arrangement not working out, I still wear that ring to …

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Jul 07

The Ebb and Flow of Motivation (Your own, not your romance characters)

Yesterday, it was a bright sunshiny day. The perfect day to sit outside on the patio and revise chapters.¬† An ideal day…. …and it was all I could do just to think about writing and revising. Truth be told, I reviewed about ten pages and took some notes. I had absolutely NO ENERGY! And no …

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