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Category Archive: The Semientkowski Series

Sep 10

Cheating Time Book Trailer

Sep 02

Quotes from Sara Jane

Sara Jane Semientkowski is far and away the most fun I’ve ever had with a character. She acts and speaks before she thinks. This quirk means she often says what most people want to say, but don’t because they don’t want to offend. She’s honest to a fault. Here’s one small example of Sara Jane: …

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Aug 19

Quotes from Sara Jane

Contents of her stomach seemingly purged, Sara Jane sat up and closed the car door. “Sorry about that.” “It’s alright.”  He handed her a tissue. “It’s your head right?  You’re not pregnant or anything?” “Ha!” Sara Jane snorted. “I don’t think batteries can do that.”

Aug 12

Quotes From Sara Jane

“You probably have a concussion. Take my hand. I’ll help you.” With his help, Sara Jane rose to her feet. “Oh,” she moaned. “I think I cracked a few ribs.” “How do you know?” “They hurt.” She heard him chuckle in the darkness. It was a deep, rich laugh. It warmed her a bit and …

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Aug 03

Cheating Time – Chapter One

Chapter One   Burnt metal and bodies twisted in a macabre sculpture. “Christ almighty,” she groaned. It never got easier for her. The initial shock of a crash site never failed to shrivel her soul a touch. “About time you got here.” Uneasy, Sara Jane tromped toward the closest familiar face. “Cowboy, right?” “Girl, you’ve …

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