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May 13

Some days are creepier than others

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Photo Credit

Some days are creepier than others.

Have you ever found that sometimes you can watch a truly frightening movie at night in the dark by yourself or read a horror and i’ts fun. You’re not affected. Then, other days you can be sitting at home during the day with the sun shining and your family around you and you’re frightened of your shadow?

What is it that causes the difference in emotions?

I think it might be the energy around you. Some people are more sensitive to the energy of others (perhaps including the energy of those who have passed on). And if you’re sensitive to that energy then when there’s negative energy around you, it might be easier to be frightened. Perhaps, your senses are already on high alert because of the negative energy.

Today is one of those days…

Everyone is home. I have a sick kiddo on the couch watching television and I read this article, Ouija Board Messages You Hope Never to See. It completely freaked me out. I haven’t used a Ouija Board since I was in junior high school and it still made my stomach tighten with anxiety.

I’m tempted to get out the sage and cleanse the house. Except that everyone is home and they don’t like the smell of burning sage.

What about you? Do you have days where you feel more creeped out than others? Why do you think that is? And…Have you ever played with a Ouija board? What was your experience? Would you use one today? Why or why not?


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